Summoners’ Rift Episode 1 – Dancing on the Edge of a Blade

Shahzadi Rouya danced on her heels, letting herself glide over the patio as she spun the scythe above her head and brought it down in a swift motion. The blade silently cut through flesh and came out the other side. She held her stance and breath, readying herself to continue with a follow-up chain of motions. Her opponent gave in first and separated down the center where she’d cut a clean line. The melon fell to the sides and dropped from the stand, spilling its innards across the patio.

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Episode 2 – Darkness Falls

Ardeshir found himself in the tomb once more. He quickly glanced around to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. Ervin stood by the chest, still gleefully running his hands through the gold. Apparently, the realmwalker hadn’t noticed his departure. Ardeshir raised the opaque glass to his lightstone and rubbed his thumb over the smooth surface.

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Magefall Episode 1 – Discovery

Ardeshir plummeted through the sky. An icy wind slapped against his face and stirred his eyes open. The ground became larger as the gap swiftly dwindled. Fear surged inside of him and sent his heart racing as he glanced around in search of Ervin. The blasted mage was nowhere in sight, and Ardeshir quickly assumed he backed out at the last moment and would let him fall to his death.

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