Release Schedule

Welcome to my website where I hope to provide you with some entertaining fantasy and sci-fa stories. Here’s when you can expect to read the next episode!

The mini-series Magefall will begin releasing weekly episodes starting August 27th with a new episode every Thursday and run for 20 episodes.
Magefall takes place 900 years before the events in Summoners’ Rift and details the Mage Guild’s advances into space and the ancient evil they encounter.

The main Battle Maidens series, Summoners’ Rift, begins on September 4th and will release a new episode every Friday.

A vacant throne. Seven contenders and a princess with a mysterious necklace.

For fans of sci-fi, I’ve got Winter Twilight in the works which is set to begin releasing in October. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting series in the coming weeks!

Don’t forget, signing up for the membership via Steady helps support me and expedite the release of new episodes as well as several bonus mini-series set in the Battle Maidens universe. The first bonus is titled Battle of Chains and consists of 4 episodes.

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